My first R talk: Learning R with a project you are passionate about

This February, I had the pleasure of giving my first R-talk at the Edinb_R user group.

Here is the blurb for my talk:

Starting to learn R and statistics can be extremely daunting for someone who has never identified as ‘a numbers person’. In this talk, I show how a question and project I am really passionate about helped me go from complete beginR to tidyverse-aficionada. I focus on the usefulness of pipes, mutating and summarising data, merging different dataframes, lubridate, and visualising results with ggplot2. I talk about these packages and functions in the context of my first project, which was an analysis of sources of blood glucose variability in Type 1 Diabetes – and the life-changing impact the results have had.

This R-talk is the story behind my 2018 case report in Endocrinology and Diabetic Medicine, and a reminder that the less intrinsic motivation a learner has to acquire a new skill, the more important it becomes to make that skill relevant with a project they are passionate about. For me as someone who used to be rather sceptical of statistics, a project that I really cared about made all the difference, and now I genuinely enjoy working with R.

Without further ado, here is the R notebook of the presentation.



I'm a PhD candidate in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh. My research connects the study of phonetic accommodation with that of (non)accommodation on an interactional level. My supervisors are Dr. Lauren Hall-Lew, Dr. Joseph Gafaranga, and Dr. Josef Fruehwald.

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